Active Member: $ 50.00
Any Building Official, Assistant Building Official, Plans Examiner, Field Inspector or other municipal or County, State or Federal employee in the enforcement of Building Codes, Ordinances and/or Statutes shall be eligible to become an Active Member upon payment of dues at the rate fixed by the By-Laws. Such members shall have one (1) vote.

Associate Member: $ 50.00
Any research organization, Architect, Engineer, Certified or Registered General Building and/or Residential Contractor and their related Associations, Manufacturers or Dealers in building materials or equipment, or any other individual or partnership may become a non-voting Associate Member upon payment of the membership fee and approval by the Board of Directors.

Membership Forms:

Membership Application Form-Online Pay
You can click on the link above (Membership Application Form Online Pay) to join/renew and pay online.

Membership Application Form-Fillable PDF
You can click on the link above (Membership Application Form Fillable), fill out form, print the application, make check payable to BOIEA, and mail to:

BOIEA Membership
1126 South Federal Highway #394
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33316