The Code Officials educational Association of Broward County believe in and support not only primary education but also continuing education for everyone involved in the construction industry: engineers, architects, finance professionals, MBA’s, drafting, inspectors, contractors, project managers, superintendents, foremen and the tradesmen. The members of the Association believe that when those who manage  projects or perform the work are better educated in their fields construction projects will run more efficiently for all involved, including the inspectors.

To this end, we offer an educational scholarship to applicants pursuing a construction management degree or a degree related to construction in a recognized and accredited institute of higher education or to anyone attending a trade or technical school in a construction-related field. This scholarship is not offered to those seeking a design degree.
Recipients of this scholarship will not be eligible for future scholarships, applicants not selected may re-apply in future years. Those applicants selected to receive a scholarship this year and their guest will be invited to attend the BOIEA’s annual installation luncheon in December to receive their award.

We also offer scholarships to immediate family members of a COEA member regardless of the field of study.

The dead line for applications to be submitted is November 30 of this year. We encourage all interested parties to seek and hopefully receive one of these scholarships. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

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2012 Scholarship recipient Marshall McDonald writes:

I hope you had a great holiday season. I wanted to thank you again for the generous scholarship. I just got back to school and this week, and I’m going to be purchasing books soon, so it will really help out. For most of my college career, I’ve been lucky enough to have my tuition paid for by a combination of Florida Bright Futures and Florida Prepaid. Unfortunately, this semester both of my scholarships are going to run out, so the timing of your scholarship couldn’t be better.

Thanks again,

The Broward Education Foundation writes:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Broward Education Foundation, we would like to Thank You for your generosity. Your 2012-2013 donation of $3,600.00 for three (3) Bronze I-Year Scholarships valued at $3,000.00 and six (6) seat tickets valued at $600.00 dated April 18, 2013, is greatly appreciated and will be put to work immediately to fulfill the vision of the Broward Education Foundation, that every student who attends a Broward County Public School will receive an excellent education, reach his/her full potential and become a positive contributor to the community.

The Broward Education Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, serving as a direct support organization of Broward County Public Schools, providing scholarships for graduating seniors, teacher grants for innovative teaching, and free classroom supplies for qualified students. The Foundation develops, promotes and funds emerging educational initiatives that benefit the community. Serving as a catalyst for educational excellence, our students will be ready for success in postsecondary education, the workforce and civic life.

Once again, thank you for supporting the Broward Education Foundation and making a difference!

Very truly yours,
Jorene Jameson, President & CEO
David L. Marcus, Chair

2013 Scholarship recipient Gabriela Soto writes:

I am very thankful for the $1000 scholarship I was lucky enough to receive. If it wasn’t for you and the amazing people at Broward Education Foundation, I would not be able to entirely meet the financial costs that a postsecondary education entails and, at the same time, prepare for the competitive future that lies ahead. I greatly appreciate your donation and this opportunity that has been given to me.

Thank you again for helping me achieve my dreams of becoming an architect at Florida International University, and for giving me the chance to be the first in my family to pursue a higher education.

Gabriela Soto

2013 Scholarship recipient Cody Sims writes:

Thank you so very much for awarding me with this scholarship. I will be using it to pay for tuition at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. There I will be studying Architectural Drafting in order to get my bachelors degree in architecture. I hope you are doing great, and I will be sure to update you on my progress.

Thank you,
Cody Sims

2013 Scholarship recipient Rashean Senior writes:

I am writing for the purpose to thank you for the $1,000 cash award you have bestowed upon me. Every dollar counts towards my education and yours was a very generous donation that will go towards my future. A thank you letter cant tell you how honored and grateful I am of the award you have given me. Tuition for college is always a student and parent’s dreaded fear. “How am I going to pay for this?” is always a sentence I try to avoid. With the cost of tuition, room/board, and books its not easy for an upcoming college student especially with the rising costs and interest of loans nowadays. Its not everyday that theres a helping hand to guide you in your career. I know that there were many applicants who you could have very well chosen instead of me and I appreciate that you were able to scope my talents and qualities that spell success. I’ve always believed hard work payed off. So when my colleagueswere too strung up on the meaningless things of life of put in dedication in what I did even though I wasn’t as fortunate.

My family has come a long way considering being from the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Being the first generation of my family to go to college I always have high expectations from my family and friends and never try to disappoint them or myself. So now my hard work and dedication has now payed off. How does it feel you might ask? It feels amazing!

An award indebted I will not make any waste of it. I looks forward to college and during my studies as a civil engineer I will work hard and face any difficult task that works against me. I will continue to give back to society and Florida as a whole. I hope I can do the same for students in the same situation as me to give them increased hope as you did for me.

Rashean Senior